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Graphics and GUI (System.Drawing, System.Windows.Forms [SWF]) continue to be a couple of the most worked-on areas in both Mono and Portable.NET. Other areas under heavy development include cryptography, Web services, coverage and build tools for Mono, dependency charts for Portable.NET, and lots of bug fixes for both. Mono and Portable.NET Do GUI Differently In a project the size of .NET, choices often need to be made between options of nearly equal technical merit. Having more than one project (Portable.NET and Mono) can allow more than one choice to be made. The GUI code (SystemWindows.Forms and System.Drawing) is one area where the advantages of having multiple choices are apparent. The main Mono implementation of SWF uses Wine/Winelib, but there is also a side project using Gtk# (C# bindings for GTK) as the base for SWF (using Gtk# for SWF is separate from Gtk# ... (more)

Novell Buys Ximian, Mono Drafts Road Map

August was Mono's biggest news month ever: the Mono Project's sponsor, Ximian, was bought by Novell, a draft road map to the version 1.0 release was drawn, and Mono version 0.26 was released. In other news of open source, DotGNU plans to release version 0.1 of Portable.NET at the end of September. Novel Buys Ximian When I heard the news, I sent Miguel a congratulatory e-mail; he replied that it was fantastic news. Indeed, it does look like a fantastic merger. Novell historically has not been a player in open source, but in the past year or so has committed to open source. By porti... (more)

Third Mono Beta Released

Mono 1.1.16, the third beta of version 1.2, has been released. The time span between the release of versions 1.1.15 and 1.1.16 is one of the longest in several years and the number of changes included reflects that, again System.Windows.Forms (SWF) and System.Drawing got the most attention. The biggest difference is that SWF now supports threading; multiple threads can now create their own forms and controls, and have their own message processing loops. Repaint logic has also been changed to improve performance and match the Microsoft implementation. In the past, Mono sent paint m... (more)

New Version of IDEs from SharpDevelop and MonoDevelop

Time sneaks up on us. Last month’s issue started year six of “Monkey Business” in .NET Developer’s Journal. Many thanks to all the readers who made this milestone possible. You can revisit all of the past “Monkey Business” columns. Last November marked the beginning of my seventh year with the Mono project. SharpDevelop 3.0 Hits Beta 1 SharpDevelop has released the first beta of version 3.0. It now supports the same multiple frameworks as VisualStudio 2008 (2.0, 3.0, and 3.5), so work on improving version 2.2. has stopped. My favorite new feature... (more)

Lots Happening in the Open-Source World

This is the first installment of Dennis Hayes' Monkey Business column, which will supply news on open-source .NET implementations, including Rotor, sponsored by Microsoft; Mono, sponsored by Ximian (and headed up by Miguel de Icaza); and Rhys Weatherley's Portable.NET, from DotGNU. Rotor Because Rotor is written internally by Microsoft, we see major changes to it when a new version or update is released, but few in between. The current version was released in November 2002. It can be downloaded from http://msdn.microsoft.com/downloads/ under Software Development Kits­> Shared So... (more)