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Team Mono met their goal of a first half 1.0 release. This happened just as we were going to press last month, but I was able to change the headline and first paragraph noting the release. This month, I will discuss it in detail, and finish with a look at some new directions for System.Windows. Forms (SWF). Mono 1.0 Mono made its June 30 goal, so I was able to pack up a CD with the Mono 1.0 source, the install packages for the different OSs, documentation (such as release notes and how-tos), and a copy of Open Office for Windows and Linux. I then burned "Independence from Microsoft" Day CDs for the 4th of July party I mentioned back in the June issue. The next CDs I make will include MonoDevelop, SharpDevelop, and Eclipse. This release supports 17 .NET namespaces, Java via IKVM, LDAP, GTK#, and more database-specific clients than the two (MS SQL and Oracle) that Mic... (more)

Mono Beta for 1.2 Released...

Mono has released version and 1.1.14. Version is actually the first release since 1.1.13, even though there were four internal releases in between. The purpose of this release is to document the changes in those releases; there are no new features in this release, just bug fixes in all areas of the project. One reason for multiple releases was to keep testers current during the run-up to the major 1.2 release. Release notes are at http://go-mono.com/archive/ The 1.1.14 release is considered the first beta for the upcoming 1.2 release. This will be Mono... (more)

Novell Unites SUSE and Mono

There are several big events to report on this month. Novell has bought SUSE, the Linux distributor. DotGNU has released the version 0.1 CD, and Mono has released two roadmaps (one for developers, one for users). Finally, Microsoft has put up grant money to support experiments with Rotor, the Microsoft open source version of .NET. Novell Buys SUSE Just a couple of months after buying Ximian (the sponsor of Mono), Novell bought SUSE, the German Linux distributor and key member of United Linux. SUSE is second only to Red Hat as the largest Linux distributor. You may remember back ... (more)

Making Fast Progress

Mono has a new Web site (www.mono-project.com) that replaces the old one (www.go-mono.com). If you go to the old address, your browser will get redirected to the new site. There have been no major changes beyond the usual updates. There are now two branches of Mono and both have new releases. The stable release is 1.0.2, and the development release is 1.1.1. Mono now follows the open source practice of assigning even numbers (1.0.x) to stable releases and odd numbers (1.1.x) to development releases. The 1.1.1 release contains new .NET 2.0 features; specifically, static classes, ... (more)

SharpDevelop IDE Impresses

Mono The monthly Mono releases are out, 1.0.5 for production use (details at www.gomono.com/archive/1.0.5/), and the development version 1.1.3 (details at www.gomono.com/archive/1.1.3/). The production version has an improved Monodoc, and a half dozen Security fixes. The development version is, again, mainly bug fixes and performance enhancements, with new features mostly in the build system, version 2.0 features, and System.Windows.Forms. The new build system includes a new bundling utility that takes a .NET program and packages it into a single statically linked .exe. The bundle... (more)