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This is a great book on LINQ from some people who not only know LINQ, but also understand LINQ. Many current LINQ books are based on preview versions of LINQ, but authors Fabrice Marquerie, Steve Eichert, and Jim Wooley thought it worth waiting for the final released version before publishing their book. There were some significant changes in the syntax of a few significant commands, so where code in some other books may need minor changes to run, the code in this book is all ready to go. Part I: Introduction to LINQ Chapter 1 discusses what it is, what it does, and why we need it. It includes the goals and motivations of LINQ, and the fact that Microsoft has been working on LINQ for several years. This brings us to chapter 2 - VB.NET and C# language enhancements to support LINQ. Starting with C# 2.0, Microsoft has added quite a few enhancements to the .NET languages... (more)

Novell Unites SUSE and Mono

There are several big events to report on this month. Novell has bought SUSE, the Linux distributor. DotGNU has released the version 0.1 CD, and Mono has released two roadmaps (one for developers, one for users). Finally, Microsoft has put up grant money to support experiments with Rotor, the Microsoft open source version of .NET. Novell Buys SUSE Just a couple of months after buying Ximian (the sponsor of Mono), Novell bought SUSE, the German Linux distributor and key member of United Linux. SUSE is second only to Red Hat as the largest Linux distributor. You may remember back ... (more)

Mono Project Grows as Novell Hires 2 Volunteers

This month I will look deeper into Mono's 0.30 release System.Windows. Forms (SWF) implementation changes, and also discuss some other ways that Novell has helped Mono and open source. Mono Last month I mentioned some of the highlights of the Mono 0.30 release, including XML, security, and C# compiler performance improvements. This month I will go over some of the other improvements and announcements. However, just after the 0.30 release, a couple of compiler bugs were found that affected several people using Mono for "real" work, so there was a quick 0.30.1 release. The full re... (more)

A Short History of Basic on Mono

The highlight of this release is the new MonoBASIC compiler and runtime. The availability of BASIC on Mono has waxed and waned over the years. During the early days of Mono, BASIC received little or no attention. The biggest reason was that all the effort was going into the C # compiler. In addition, the early Mono adopters were not very interested in VB; in fact at the time, there was much debate in the VB community in general about upgrading to VB.NET because of the complexity of VB.NET, and the lack of backwards compatibility with VB6. Also, unlike C# which was released as a E... (more)

New Version of SharpDevelop Released

SharpDevelop 2.2 SharpDevelop has released version 2.2. Version 2.2 is mostly a bug fix release, but also adds support for newer versions of Boo (0.7.8), NUnit(2.4.1) and Wix (2.0.5325), Cecil (0.5), additional templates have been added, and SharpDevelop Reports 2.2 are included while support for the old SharpDB Tools has been dropped. SharpDevelop has a Web page (http://community.sharpdevelop.net/blogs/mattward/articles/VisualStudioExpressComparison.aspx) that compares SharpDevelop with the express editions of VisualStudio. The nice thing about this is that it was done by an en... (more)