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Graphics and GUI (System.Drawing, System.Windows.Forms [SWF]) continue to be a couple of the most worked-on areas in both Mono and Portable.NET. Other areas under heavy development include cryptography, Web services, coverage and build tools for Mono, dependency charts for Portable.NET, and lots of bug fixes for both. Mono and Portable.NET Do GUI Differently In a project the size of .NET, choices often need to be made between options of nearly equal technical merit. Having more than one project (Portable.NET and Mono) can allow more than one choice to be made. The GUI code (SystemWindows.Forms and System.Drawing) is one area where the advantages of having multiple choices are apparent. The main Mono implementation of SWF uses Wine/Winelib, but there is also a side project using Gtk# (C# bindings for GTK) as the base for SWF (using Gtk# for SWF is separate from Gtk# ... (more)

Mono Releases Beta 1, Starts Looking at Beta 2

Mono makes its goal of releasing v1.0 beta 1 on May 4, adding support for both the Global Access Cache (GAC) and the latest ECMA generics, as well as improving CLS compliance. Novell hires another open source developer and open sources an Exchange client. Open source leaders start looking at horn-swaggling Longhorn. Mono Unleashes the First of Two Betas for v1.0 The big advance in the first Mono beta is support for the GAC, which had to wait for support from the cryptography library. It was more difficult than it would seem at first not only because it has to support different pla... (more)

Converting VB6 to VB.NET, Part II

Last month (Vol. 2, issue 9), I gave an executive overview of the conversion process, and started looking at converting general VB6 code to VB.NET. This month I will finish general conversions, including DLLs, then start on database conversions. Next month, in the final segment, I will cover converting ASP.NET Web pages, and look at converting to VB.NET 2005 and C#. Nothing Is Perfect After the conversion wizard is done, the upgrade report will probably contain a list of many issues. A lot of these issues are minor things that nothing can be done about, but which in most cases wil... (more)

Making Fast Progress

Mono has a new Web site (www.mono-project.com) that replaces the old one (www.go-mono.com). If you go to the old address, your browser will get redirected to the new site. There have been no major changes beyond the usual updates. There are now two branches of Mono and both have new releases. The stable release is 1.0.2, and the development release is 1.1.1. Mono now follows the open source practice of assigning even numbers (1.0.x) to stable releases and odd numbers (1.1.x) to development releases. The 1.1.1 release contains new .NET 2.0 features; specifically, static classes, ... (more)

SharpDevelop IDE Impresses

Mono The monthly Mono releases are out, 1.0.5 for production use (details at www.gomono.com/archive/1.0.5/), and the development version 1.1.3 (details at www.gomono.com/archive/1.1.3/). The production version has an improved Monodoc, and a half dozen Security fixes. The development version is, again, mainly bug fixes and performance enhancements, with new features mostly in the build system, version 2.0 features, and System.Windows.Forms. The new build system includes a new bundling utility that takes a .NET program and packages it into a single statically linked .exe. The bundle... (more)