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If you're one of the many who have VB6 code, you have three basic options: stay with VB6, convert to .NET, or rewrite from scratch. In this article, we will look at converting VB6 code to VB.NET and C#. I'll discuss when it makes sense to convert versus staying with VB6 or rewriting from scratch. I will cover what converts well and what does not, different ways to do the conversion, how to get code ready to convert, and handling issues after the conversion. Executive Overview First, let's get an executive-level overview of where VB6 and VB.NET are at in their life cycles. Note that when I mention VB.NET in this article, I mean all three versions (2002, 2003, 2005). When I talk about a specific version, I will specify the version (such as VB.NET 2002). With the advances in VB.NET 2003, as well as its compatibility with VB.NET 2002, there is little reason to migrate ... (more)

Mono 1.2.5 and

In part because of MoMA, the Mono analyzer, there were 1,907 new methods implemented in this release, System.Data is 99% compatible with .NET 2.0, and about 150 bugs were fixed in System.Windows.Forms alone. This was the first version released after Novell hired a full-time QA person for Mono, and Mono set up a new release procedure. Some of the tasks of the new QA person include prioritizing new bugs as they are added to the bugbase and making sure old bugs continue to get worked on and don't just fade from memory. Release preview versions now receive wider and more rigorous test... (more)

What the Monkey Can Do

Developers evaluating Mono need to know two things: how to download Mono, and what its capabilities are. Mono can be downloaded in several different forms; I will describe when using each form makes sense. More important, I will discuss which parts of .NET Mono can support now, and which it will support in the near future. Downloading Mono Mono is currently at version 0.19; new versions are released as Mono progresses and people have time to pack up the release. The first public release will be labeled 1.0. There are a number of ways to get Mono. There are RPMs, nightly snapshot... (more)

Mainsoft, Novell Give Mono a Push

Novell and Mainsoft have committed programming resources to Mono; Mono has released version 0.29, adding Unicode support from IBM. Portable.NET has made progress on WinForms, including multidocument interface (MDI) applications using the XWindows library. Not Exactly True An Associated Press story claimed Novell has hired 40 programmers in India to work on Mono. The facts are that Novell has long had about 350 programmers working in India; they have transferred 40 of those to work full time on open source projects. Of those 40, between 5 and 10 are now working on Mono. The new M... (more)

Open Source .NET Runs on Xbox and PS2

The open source community has generated a number of items this month: the Portable.NET System. Windows.Forms (SWF) programming contest has been extended; both Portable.NET and Mono have released new versions (Portable.NET v0.6.2, and Mono v0.30); .NET programs can now be executed on PlayStation 2 and Xbox; and Novell is joining the ECMA committee. I will also discuss the importance of supporting languages such as SML and Mercury. Contest Results The Portable.NET WinForms coding contest has been extended. The original plan was to give 5 prizes ranging from $200 to $2,000 for top co... (more)